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How ‘Google for Jobs’ May Help Funeral Service

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may help funeral serviceWhere do you, as a funeral home owner, go to find good help? With baby boomers approaching retirement age, you’ll soon have job openings available, but you may find it hard to convince potential job candidates to work for you. Funeral service isn’t exactly sexy and without the right knowledge of all the rewards your funeral home can offer them, exposure to hazardous chemicals and long hours, for example, may cause potential employees to overlook the opportunity to make a difference in families’ lives by creating memorable funeral service experiences for those in grief.  Read the rest of this entry »

Why Your Funeral Home Should Have an HR Strategy

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Dealing with human resource problems are frustrating and challenging for all involved… including myself!  At the Foresight Companies, I am frequently asked to provide advice on dealing with employee issues in funeral businesses.  At some point in our conversation, I ask the funeral service professional, “What’s your HR Strategy?”  Most frequently they answer “Strategy?  What strategy?” Read the rest of this entry »

Staff Recognition: Engage Your Staff!

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The challenges of working in a funeral home are quite different than in a traditional 9-5 environment. Funeral directors and staff must deal with death on a regular basis which can be tough. The hours are often long with late night and early morning calls from clients. Funeral staff often works on the weekends and evenings for visitations and ceremonies.  With such long hours, retaining quality staff long term can be a challenge. One solution is to create a staff recognition system, which can go a long way in keeping employees happy and committed to your funeral home.  Read the rest of this entry »